Best 10 social media  for business platforms

Best 10 social media  for business platforms 2021

Best 10 social media  for business platforms 2021

Top 10 Social Media Platforms for Business ABHAYRANJAN.COM 2021


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

According to the demographics 1.3+ billions users are using Facebook for their businesses.

Even 60% females also using it.

It’s main purpose is to build relationship online.

It is best known for building brand loyalty.

2/2. (Instagram)

 Instagram comes very close behind Facebook and is number three on our list of social media sites for business.  Instagram is owned by the same person who owns Facebook, and has 500 million daily active users.

 Demographic says that 200 million users at the age of 18-29 in using Instagram.

 Demographic says that 200 million users at the age of 18-29 in using Instagram.

 It’s main purpose is to Build relationship and to communicate with people .

 Best known for Lead Generation, Retail, Art, Food, Entertainment, & Beauty Businesses.

3 /3. (WhatsApp )

It is a messaging app used by people in over 180 countries. Initially, WhatsApp was only used by people to communicate with their family and friends. Gradually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp. – For small businesses, it has built the WhatsApp Business App while for medium and large businesses.

4/4. (Pinterest)

 Pinterest has 175 million monthly active users. Out of those users, 81% are women, 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.

 It is a special social media platforms which can be insert images only.

 It’s main purpose is to scrapbooking.  It is best for all purpose businesses.

5/5. (Snapchat)

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send Snapchats (a photo or video) either directly to another user or to their Snapchat Story.

A Snapchat sent directly to another user can only be viewed once, but a Snapchat on a Story (such as your business’ Story) is visible for up to 24 hours after it’s published.

There are over 300 million monthly active users, and 187 million daily active users on Snapchat, and 71% of those users are under 34 years old. Specifically, almost half of its users are aged between 18-24.

6/6. (LinkedIn)

 LinkedIn is considered to be a best social media platform for business, people often include more accurate information about their employers, job positions, work email addresses and more than they do on other social media platforms that are utilized more for personal use.

 It is best known for B2B Businesses.  It has 600+ million of users whose age is 30-49.

8/8 . (Twitter)

 Twitter is a social media site for news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more.
 It has 330 million monthly active users. You can post photos and videos along with character- limited copy, but Twitter is most known for its feed of real-time updates.  Twitter is also great for engaging new potential customers through its use of hashtags.

9/ 9. (YOUTUBE)

YouTube is a video platform that allows users to watch videos and/or upload them.

YouTube has 1.57 billion monthly active users, giving your business the chance to share company content wither over 30+ million daily active users who are likely to watch it.

it has the unique stance of being owned by Google because of Google Advertising platforms.

You can use this to your advantage when running YouTube ads.

You can also make your YouTube videos have higher search rankings by including the searched keywords in your title, video description, and actual list of keywords in the keywords tool.

10/10. (Tik-Tok)

 Tik Tok (also known as Douyin in China) is a rising music video social network. It was the world’s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018, beating Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

 Users can record videos up to 60 seconds, edit them, and add music and special effects.


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