7 Best Conference Call Services – 2021, Conference Call 2021

7 Best Conference Call Services – 2021 . Conference Call 2021

7 Best Conference Call Services – 2021, Conference Call 2021

The Best Free and Paid Conference Call Services

Want to ‘jump straight to the answer? The best conference call service for mos’t people is definitely RingC’entral or GoToMeeting.

Conference calls remain the best opti’on for group communication over th’e phone.

They are the cheapest, ‘most effective, and simplest way to get’a group of people together.

An’d in the age of the global pandemic and the rise’ of remote work, they’re more important than ever.

No matter your budget, yo’u’ll find the right solution on this list. I’ll sh’w you the best conference’ call services on the market t’day, as well as my methodology for’ how to rank them.

The Best Confere’nce Call Services
These 9 ‘options are a clear cut ‘above the rest:

Google Hangouts
But whic’h is right for your business? I’ve revie’wed each service in detail below to help ‘you compare them.

1. RingCentral

Ditch traditional business phone plans with RingCentral. They offer modern solu’tions for the mode’rn office.

If you g’et their phone plan you ‘also get video conferencing features included.

That’s ‘because RingCentral offers more than’ conference calls. It’s also a VoIP phone service.

The free plan compares pretty well with t’he others on the list. While you’re capped at 40 minutes per ‘meeting, you can still hav’e up to 100 participants.

That’s great for scrappy startups or solo-ventures.

You can e’asily add-on larger meeting options to your pl’an if you upgrade to one of their several paid’ plans that start as low as $19.99/month.

The system offers nearly ever’y calling, collaboration, and mobile feature businesses’would want from a phone system. Since it is’ housed in the cloud, there is no equipment to’ install, and they take care of all th’e maintenance and upgrades.

RingCentral also has great enterprise solutions and you can s’ave some money by bundling RingC’entral Meetings with a VoIP’ business phone plan.’

Click here to visit RingCentral and get started for free.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMee’ting is one of the best paid conference call services tha’t I’ve seen.

They offer high-quality solutions for small business conference calls without a bunc’h of distracting features.

Unlike some of the other ‘aid confere’nce call solutions on the market, GoToMeeting does not have a basic free plan. How’ever, you can still try it out at no cost with a 14-day trial.’

GoToMeeting has three plans:

Professional — Starting at $12 per month
Business — Start’ing at $16 per month
Enterprise — Custom pricing
The Professional and Business plans can h’ost conference calls with up to 150 and 250 participants’, respectively. The Enterprise plan is fo’r up to 3,000 participants.

All pla’ns come with these basic features:

HD video conferencing
Screen sharing
Dial in conference lines
No limits on meetings
No time limits for meetings
Personal meeting rooms
Business messaging
Mobile app
Slack integration
Salesforce integration
24/7 customer support
GoToM’eeting also has unlimited recording capabilities and automatic transcript’ions o’f your conference calls.

Overall, it’s a great choice for those of you who manage large remote teams.

Performance is where Go’ToMeeting stands out over the competition. Lots of free an’ paid conference call services out the’e fall short with audio quality. But GoToMeeting customers r’ave about the crystal clear sou’nd and co’nnection of their conference calls.

GoToMeeting does not have some of the more advanced features that ‘we’ve seen from other provider’s. But personally, I like the simplicity. You don’t necessa’rily need too many bells and whistles to make effectiv’e conference calls. Plus, I think the p’rice points for these plans provide a great value for the benefits. Click Here to Try GoToMeeting’ for Free.’

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers a full-service virtual phone system at competitive prices.

It’s also dead simple to set up. In just four steps, you’ll be able to select a number; get their app on des’ktop, iOS, or Android; ‘and start texting and callin’.’

For your number, you have the choice between four different options:

Toll free. Numbers that are free for the’ caller.
Vanity. Numbers you choose that are unique to your business.
Local. Numbers that are sp’ecific to your 3-digit area code.
Port your curre’nt number. Transfer your current phone number to Grass’pper.
They also ‘come with a great app that helps you manage your texts and calls for your business. That means ‘you can make and receive calls related to your business on the same ph’one you use for personal use. If mobile isn’t your cup of tea, t’heir desktop app allows you to do the sam’e right from the comfort of your computer.’

Some other great features:

24/7 customer support (US based)
No additional devices required
Voicemail transcriptions
Virtual Fax
VoIP/Wi-Fir calling
Call forwarding
Call transfers
Simultaneous call handling
Prices start at $26/month when billed a’nnually and comes with one phone number and thre’e extensions. If you’re stil’l on the fence, they offer a seven-day free trial with no credit’ card required.

4. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting comes from GetResponse, the email marketing s’olutions provider. However, with Cl’ickMeeting, they offer a great webinar solution that gives you’ a great way to conduct conference calls as well.

You’ll have a full-service solution for online meetings via conference rooms as well as webinars. So not only will you have a way to meet an’d collaborate with your team, you’ll also have a lead generation e’ngine with webinars.

Their collabo’ration software is really great for teams and distributed comp’anies. As such, it should stand out to any remote ‘workers out there.

When it comes to conference c’alls, their robust set of presenting and agenda tools allows yo’u to conduct highly engaging, fruitf’ul meetings with your team, clients, customers, and more. It’s a’ perfect way to let your team walk away w’ith actionable insights as well as easily on-boarding a’nd training new employees.

Since it is more of a webinar tool, it does c’ome with more features geared towards sharing insights. As such, if you’re looking for a pure c’onference call tool, you might want to look elsewhere. However,’ this i’s still a fantastic tool if you’re looking for’ a great conference call solution that’s multifaceted and flexi’ble when it comes to your use.

The customiz’ation they offer really facilitates viewer interaction with the material a presenter is discussing. Overall, I’d’ say it’s great for agencies, teachers and other education professionals.

Their webinar solution also integrates with Pay’Pal, allowing customers to purchase access to’ your webinars easily and secur’ely.

If you need ‘a highly-customizable webinar and collaboration tool, and ‘also need something that goes beyond conference calling, this is the service for you.

Pricing sta’rts at $25 per month and is billed annually. However, it does’ come with a free 30-day trial to test it out.

5. BlueJeans

BlueJeans specializes in video conf’erence calls. They deliver stellar audio quality as well. This solutio’n makes it easy for team communication from any device.

Compan’es like Linkedin, F’acebook, and Zillow rely on BlueJeans for conference ‘calls. So it’s definitely a service that you can trust.

One of the reasons w’hy BlueJeans has such exceptional audio quality is because it’s power’ed by Dolby Voice. The solution is desi’ned to suppress background noises while giving each participant’s voice a distinct location, which makes it so’und as though everyone is in the same room.’

Loud talkers, soft-‘spoken participants, and simultaneous talking can still be’ heard, unmuffled. This definitely gives BlueJeans an edge over its competitors.

For small businesses ‘and individuals, BlueJeans has a plan starting at $12.49 per month, which can host meetings with up to 50 participants.

They also offer an upg’raded plan for $16.65 per month with conferencing capabilities for up to 75 participants. This optio’n comes with recording features and cloud storage, w’hich is what I would re’commend.

If you need more, you can contact BlueJeans fo’r a custom solution and plan. Althoug’ the participant ‘limit is 150 people. This is de’finitely less than some of the other enterprise-level solutions we’ve seen. Altho’ugh the pricing will be a bit mo’re appealing.

6. UberC’onference

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use conference call service, UberConference is a solid option.

Their free pl’n includes quality conference calls for small’er groups (10 participants or les’s). You can also make an unlimi’ted number of calls per year with this plan. It includes a bu’nch of great tools, benefits, and fea’tures such as:

Call reco’rding
Screen sharing
HD aud’io quality
HD video
Mo’bile app access.

The maxim’um duration of a free ca’ll is 45 minutes.

If you’re a larger org (or if ‘ou’d just like more flexibility with your calls), yo’u’ll want the upgraded plan which is $15 per m’onth (billed annually). Calls made on this plan’ can be up to 5 hours long. The paid plan has add’itional benefits like:’

Custom call-in numbers
Call analytics
International access for 50+ countries
Add guest dial outs
Custom hold music
Voice intelligence
Team management portal
You can’ also add a toll-free number to your plan for an a’dditional $30 per month (bille’d annually).

The mobile app is one of the top featur’es of UberConference. The fact that it comes standard with’ the free plan is a huge bonus. I like the ap’p because it gives you access to all of the features from a mobile ‘device, making it easy to start or join a’ conference call on the go. You don’t need to be tied to a des’k or office to participate.

Getting started with UberCo’nference is very straightforward. You’ll be able to start ‘making calls immediately after signing up. If you ‘need some assistance, you’ll find that the knowle’dge base and customer support provided is extre’mely helpful.

You might experience so’me static or audio quality issues with this service. But overall, I don’t’ think it’s enough of an issue to turn’ you away. The quality is still better than other free con’ference call services on the market.

7. Zoom

Zoom shot up in popularity recen’tly — and for good reason. Aside from the glo’bal pandemic forcing companies to choose a new vid’eo conferencing option, Zoom also rose in p’opularity due to their reliability, user-friendliness and their che’ap price tag.’

This cloud-based system of’fers a wide range of free and paid options to accomm’odate both individuals and busin’esses of all sizes.

Here’s a q’uick overview of the plans and’ pricing:

Zoom Basic

Up to 100 participants
40 minute duration limit
HD video conferences
Web conferences
Group collaboration features
Zoom Pro

Starting at $14.99 per month
Up to 100 participants
24 hour duration limit
Cloud recording
Admin c’ontrol features
Reporting tools
Zoom’ Business

$19.99 per month per host (minimum ‘of 10 hosts)
Up to 300 participants
Dedicated phone supp’ort
Cloud recording transcription
Company br’anding
Custom emails
Zoom’ Enterprise

Starting at $19.99 per month per ho’st (minimum of 50 hosts)
Up to 1,000 participan’ts
Unlimited cloud storage
Dedicated cust’omer support manager
Executive business reviews
Zoom Basic and Zoo’m Pro will likely be the best options ‘for the majority of you. Those are the best con’ference call servic’es for startups and smaller teams. You could always upgrade to Zoom Bu’siness as your company scales.

Zoom stands out am’ongst its competitors for video conferencing and’ cloud conferencing rooms. You’’ll definitely want ‘o lean toward this service if you plan ‘to make professional video presentations’ via conference calls.

While it’s not for e’veryone, Zoom Enterprise is a top solution for those of’ you who fall into that category. Big companie’ like Uber, Zendesk, Ticketmast’er, GoDad’dy, and Pandora are just a handful of bra’nds that rely on Zoom for con’ference calling solutions.

Zoom has an extensive kno’ledge base as well as 24/7 phone support and l’ive training with som’e of the plans. But the aud’io quality can be a bit unstable at ‘times.



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